hey guys its been a very long time since i have post something XD srry about that …anyways i have made a video of me playing pb2 online would u mind to spend sometime to watch and tell me what i can improve on for the editing etc? and pls put a like for the video(if its worth for it) 😀 hope to see u guys in chat soon 😀


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  1. Hanong i have some friendly advice for you, 1 always listen to enemy footsteps so you wont get ambushed. 2. always move cautiously because you never kow who you will bump into if you going real fast, who knows the enemy might have a bng or machine gun or plasma gun lol. especially in that small map you were in called krow-combat. 3 remember to use explosive attacks on people who are pinned behind cover, like do a pistol and bng combo or pistol and rocket to drive the enemy out of cover or blow him up. I really like the ownage though but you still gotta work on a few things like using x more professionally. You were great out there

  2. Alright well just try not to have too much fun, you can still have fun but what i mean by not having too much fun is getting distracted in having fun to where you do something that will get ya killed. Just keep that in mind too and hanong have fun 😀

    • mmm still doesnt meet my exceptions though but i have a wonderful time playing while recording not much lag 🙂 (better then snagit 10)

  3. hi,its me,special agent proxy.nice work hanong3.i don’t think it needs that much improvement.just maintaince.also,can you join my clan,ect.electric?anyway,i am going to send you an invitation to be an author now.please accept it!